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The Honest Poop About Scoops

Alright, I must admit, I never thought I’d sit down and write a post about pooper scoopers, but as I was cleaning the dog yard this morning, I thought to myself, "I am so glad I bought this thing."  So here I am, writing a blog post all about cleaning crap.  Consider it my little post-holiday gift to you.  LOL

We all know the worst part about having a dog is cleaning up poop.  It’s not a fun chore, and nobody likes to do it.  People hate it so much that they are even willing to pay to have someone else come clean up their yard.

Even though it is lessened by feeding a high quality kibble, the amount of poop that two little dogs can produce on a daily basis is impressive.  In an effort to make clean up easier, quicker and less ‘yucky’, I’ve tried (and subsequently thrown out) several different kinds of scoopers.  What I have found is that jaw scoops tend to pull up grass, spade and pan scoops tend to just mush the poop, and let’s be honest, nobody likes the "warm handshake" you get when using those little poop bags – not to mention their cost! 

The very best one I’ve found is the wire rake scooper made by four paws.  It gets right into the grass under the poop and scoops it up and because the rake is coated, the offenders slide right off.  With runny poops, you have to wait a day for them to dry out, but this rake still gets it all.  We keep a large, covered kitty litter bucket outside in the dog’s "area", drop the poop into the bucket as we clean up and dispose of it when the bucket gets full.

We’ve had our rake for over 6 months and it still looks brand new.  It’s been outside in the blistering heat and freezing cold and in the sun, rain and snow, but hasn’t rusted one bit. 

So there you have it.  A post I never thought I’d write, but one I hope might make life a little easier for someone out there!

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