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Snow Day!

We’ve gotten about 2′ of snow today and it’s still coming down.  I really thought Wally would refuse to go outside in the snow to potty, but I was wrong. He did a little pee-pee dance in front of the door and refused to potty on the pad I had put down for him. I opened the door and he ran outside to trudge through the snow. Poor bugger was up to his eyeballs in it! 

I honestly thought when I opened the door he’d turn around and say "no way, ma!".  I felt so bad watching him trudge through the snow.  I ran out after him and shoveled a path, because I knew there was no way princess Lu was going out in that stuff.  I had to force her out even with the path shoveled! 

Once she got out in it, she actually enjoyed being out in the snow – more than Wally did anyway.  They played for a bit, but their energy was short-lived.  They were back at the door in only a couple of minutes!

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Hopefully it’s better than ours!


Wall-eyed Wednesday – Crazy Eyes

Today was supposed to be Wally’s first day back at training classes.  Unfortunately, class was canceled due to snow.  I was really looking forward to starting classes again.  I love how training helps to create a bond of trust between a handler and a dog. 

I’m also a bit concerned about the fact that between being quarantined as a baby due to having parvo and recovering from his recent hip surgery, Wally hasn’t had very much socialization outside of our home.  I know the most critical time to socialize is up to 16 weeks of age – Wally’s now turning 6 months old.  I’m just hoping that his goofy, sweet temperament holds out into his adolescence and he doesn’t become fearful or reactive. 

The class we’ll be taking is a first level obedience class.  The goals of the class are sit / down / stay / leave it / heel / recall / walking on the leash / polite greetings.  He sits nicely for greeting and I’ve already taught him sit, down, drop it and a couple of fun ones – give kisses, give paw and "kill it" (he shakes his stuffed animal or a towel). 

We just started working on "leave it", which is a tough one, but is essential for teaching impulse control (a quality that Wally lacks immensely.. he’s a little ADHD!  lol)  He’s already getting it, but, like with any command, it will take a lot of trials to proof this skill. 

By the way, since "train my dog this year" is on many dog owner’s list of resolutions, January has been deemed National Train Your Dog Month by the Association of Pet Dog Owners. 

If you’d like to participate and need a place to start, trainer Casey Lomonaco has outlined your first task, should you choose to accept it.  All you need is a pen and paper and a few other things you likely have around your home.  Prepare to be surprised at how easy it can be to fit training into your life!

And now, without further ado, your weekly dose of The Wall-eyed Wonder……



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