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191/365: Important Words

Hey friends, Lu here.  I know the Woman usually writes this stuff, but I have something really important to say.  Yesterday, the Woman learned the importance of teaching us people words. I accidentally backed out of my harness when we were walking, then I heard the Woman say the word “Stay”. Because she’s practiced that word with me over and over again, I knew not to move a muscle. She put my harness back on me and gave me lots of kisses and we got to finish our walk. I’m SO lucky I knew what that word meant! What if I didn’t know and thought it was ok for me to run away?! I might have gotten lost or hurt! Make sure your people teach you the important words, like STAY, COME and LEAVE IT.  And always remember to be a good student and tilt your head so they know you’re listening!  xoxo ~ LuLu

If your people don’t know how to teach you words yet, here are some great videos on a few of the most important words you should know:

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