271/365: Woofstock 2012

We got to go to Woofstock today!

There were soooo many dogs and people.  It was pawesome!

We wore our hoodies because it was chilly in the morning.

Don’t we look snazzy?

We saw a police dog who gets to bite people for a living.

Do you believe that??

This was the guy he got to bite.  We liked to bark at him.

We got to meet Clyde from French Bulldog Rescue Network.

He was selling Frenchie Kisses for a dollar.

He was a little cranky from being in the car for a long ride,

but he let me sniff his weiner.  He’s ok by me.

We ran into fellow bloggers 2 Punk Dogs.

They may be punks at home, but they were very well behaved in public!

I licked Mr. Man’s face.  It tickled!

The Lady gave me belly rubs!

We got nekkid and hung out in the grass.  Afterall, it was Woofstock.

Peace, Love and Boston Terriers, man!

We got some cool toys for participating in the costume contest

and we spent the rest of the night trying to kill them!

It was the BEST.DAY.EVER!

PEE ESS:  There’s no pics of us in our costumes.  It was too hard for the Woman to wrangle us and the camera at the same time.  We hated our costumes and wouldn’t sit still.  We’re sorry, Woman.

We Went to a Party!

We frequent a wonderful online message board for Boston Terrier owners called WoofBoard. One of the members had a gathering yesterday and we were lucky enough to be able to attend. There were lots of fun activities, like a balloon popping contest, a ‘best kisser’ contest, a costume contest and an agility tunnel run.  Jess from 2 Little Bostons Bakery made the most fabulous cupcakes that looked like buttered popcorn and snow cones! We had such a great time and Lu and Wally behaved so well. They were EXHAUSTED by the time we left!

Lu really wants to play with Ruby!


Wally wants to join in!


Wally and Mugsy say hello.  (Mugsy is blind and deaf, but his sniffer sure works fine!)


Handsome boy, Knuckles


“Popcorn” Cupcakes (they’re actually mini marshmallows!)


“Snow Cone” Cupcakes


Wally doing what Wally does best.. Playing kissyface!


Gorgeous Hunka Boston, Linus


Tessie and her momma


Mugsy and Puggyzilla  (Puggy is 18 years old!)


What’s that lurking in the grass?  It’s Knuckles, the tiger!  RAWR!


Officer Wally, at your service!


LuLu says “I didn’t know it was someone else’s toy, officer!”



Princess Puggyzilla


Cotton Candy Ruby


Crazy Afro Star


Long day = Long nap!



Another Bostie Meetup

Boston Terrier Meetup

I got to meet up with a few other Bostons today at the park.  I didn’t let my boo boo foot slow me down at all!  Even though Mom tried to keep me out of the water, she finally considered it a lost cause and let me go in.  Being the peacekeeper that I am, I yelled (ok, squeaked) at some guys with tails who kept wanting to scuffle with my pals.   Thankfully, Mom held me back, because I woulda told those big dogs just where it’s at!  hehe!  Aw, who am I kidding… we all know I’m all bark and no bite!  :p

Here are a few pics of me and my friends from today’s outing!

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