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Our friend, M. E. Bilisnansky-McMorrow, painted a gorgeous portrait of us!  We wanted to be sure to share it with everyone!

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A Foster Come Full Circle

I have been keeping comparison photos of Phoenix, our foster dog, in order to track his progress periodically.  I updated the collage today and was amazed at just how incredible he looks.  He’s gained 5 lbs and his fur is growing in beautifully!   I got goosebumps when I realized that it looks like his former self and his new self are looking right at each other.  If he could talk, I wonder what he’d say about where he was 2 months ago…

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Meet Our New Foster – Phoenix

Phoenix was pulled from a high-kill shelter in Manhattan on December 2.  He was estimated to be 8 years old, although I think he may be younger. We chose the name Phoenix because it is a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes. As you can see in the photos below, he is in very rough shape, but December 2 was the first day of the rest of his life.

His former owner was homeless. She turned him in to the shelter because she realized she could no longer care for him. She did take him to the vet, but having limited funds, there was only so much she could do to find out what was wrong with him. All she was able to afford was a skin scraping. I know letting him get to this condition is unconscionable, but he may have been the last friend she had in the world… I’m sure it was a heartbreaking decision for her to turn him over.

When he came to us, we assumed he was just starved, but it turns out Phee, as he’s affectionately known, has diabetes and his blood glucose level was extremely high. We started him on insulin Monday night and he’s already made such a huge improvement.  His appetite has improved, he’s no longer drinking bowls and bowls of water, and he’s found his playful spirit again.

He has some trouble holding his bowels at night, so we have to diaper him, but he has 99% control over his bowels during the day and always lets me know when he needs to go out.  He also has dry eye and corneal scarring in his right eye as a result of the untreated diabetes, but this is easily managed with eye drops a couple of times a day.

Phee’s a good boy and we’re happy to be able to help him on his road to recovery.. and eventually on to his forever home!

If you would like to help support Phee in his recovery, please browse his wish list on  We are an all volunteer organization and your support is greatly appreciated.  There are several medical necessities that we will need to be purchasing long-term, so we would be very grateful for any assistance in purchasing these items.  If all of Phee’s wish list items have been purchased, please consider making a donation to help with his veterinary expenses.   If you’d like to donate toward his care, you can donate directly to SNORT at  Thank you so very much!

We will be updating our Facebook page with Phee’s photos on a regular basis, so be sure to like us on Facebook at   Also, please follow SNORT – Short Noses Only Rescue Team on Facebook to learn more about our organization!

I know these pictures are a little hard to look at, but Phee will be looking great in no time!  :)

Phoenix on his way to us!


Skinny man

Phoenix - our new foster dog


Getting nice and clean!


All clean!


I think I would like a treat too!

I think I like it here!

322/365: Terrific Trio – Take Two

Hey, did we smell a treat?!

Phoenix is our new foster.  He was pulled from a high-kill shelter in Manhattan on December 1.

He has significant health issues that he is recovering from at this time.

You can read more about Phee here:

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