Wordless Wednesday

204/365: Me and My Shadow

114/365: Bratty Brother

Here I was, all warm and cozy, snuggled up with the Woman.. and the Waldork barges in and ruins everything.  Stupid little brother!  Go get someone else to play with you!

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100/365: Teefers and Tongue

58/365: The Best Medicine

Yesterday I had to have a bit of oral surgery done.  When I got home, the dogs immediately knew something wasn’t “right” and went into “gentle” mode.  I was graced with super doggie snuggles and gentle kisses for the rest of the day.  I am so lucky to have dogs who are sympathetic and know just what I need to make me feel better!

Not sure Wally picked the best spot to lay in…. lol

2012-03-13 17.44.08.jpg

Snuggling with my Sweet Lu

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